In the final installment of our examination of the current Eichler inventory shortage, we turn our gaze northward and eastward. A large populatin of original owners who would prefer to stay complicates the already high demand and diminished supply.

In our ongoing look at the Bay Area’s Eichler inventory shortage, we’re focusing on the Peninsula this time, including Palo Alto and San Mateo County. Too many qualified buyers compete for a static supply of new homes, including Eichlers.

Just a few months ago, we saw Bay Area real estate shift to a seller’s market, and already that term seems quaint. For Eichlers and single-family homes in general we’re not just seeing a seller’s market, we’ve got a downright inventory shortage on our hands. To find out why, The Eichler Network called some local realtors and asked what was causing the crunch. The first in our three-part series focuses on the South Bay.