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Abel Roofing? Can anyone reach them?

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Joined: Jan 12 2004

We have leaks and have been trying to reach these guys for two weeks. Are they still in business? Anyone been successful in contacting them? (Their voice mail is always full and they don't answer their phones.)
Susan in Walnut Creek.


Joined: May 13 2003

Were you ever able to reach them? They did my roof about 5 years ago, and it's time to have it recoated. They did a terrific job, so I am hoping they are still around.

Joined: Jul 1 2003

Check the Maintenance chat room for postings on Able - - they were bounced from the Eichler Network as an advertiser when it was discovered their license expired.

Specifically, read the posting on Jan. 15 from this network, an announcement from Abril Roofing (as compared to Able Roofing), and previous postings on Able in Maintenace.
My roof was done by Able, and so was a neighbor across the street; however, a 2nd neighbor has sunk $21K in Able (and other contractors) beginning last year and the project has been a horror (and unfinished) - - a trouble sign is when a contractor asks for advance payments. I doubt Able will honor the remainder warranty or stay in business when the public becomes educated about their recent business practices.
A recent posting on DuroFoam (spelling??) is also troubling, in view of the fact Able is biting the dust.

Joined: Mar 24 2003

DuraFoam has been charging for estimates for a long time- since we first contacted them in 1993 in fact. So the practice you're referring to, while indeed troubling, does not seem to indicate that they are in any imminent danger.

I had Able redo my foam roof in 1998 (partly because I was annoyed at Durafoam because they charged for estimates.) At that time Able behaved professionally, but they did an incredibly messy job, spraying foam and coating material all over the siding, gardens, and fascia board. The foam is tough to get off btw.

Are there any other foam roof contractors out there?


Joined: Mar 2 2004

Dura-Foam has never, ever charged for an estimate to replace a roof.
Dura-Foam inspects our 5 year old roofs for free, and has never charged anyone for this inspection. When you re-coat your roof at 5 years, the 10 year inspection is also free, as well as the 15 year and the 20 year inspection. This seems like good business to us. The median cost for us to touch-up one of our roofs during these inspections was less than $45.00 last year. RE-coating one of our roofs at 5 years usually costs about 25% of the original purchase price...sometimes less. We usually only re-coat in the Spring and charge our customers about half what the rest of the industry charges. We view re-coating as Customer Service, not a sale. We expect our customers to trust us and take our advice seriously.
Re. charging $75 for an inspection and estimate - we started doing this because we were giving hundreds of wasted repeat estimates a year. Some roofs were inspected and estimated for re-coat 5 years in a row. We can't afford to do this - remember re-coating takes more expertise and experience that foam roofing.
If you have a roof that's off our 5 year free inspection's how you get on the Free Inspection cycle. E-mail us your address and contact information. We will mail you an offer to inspect your roof for free in the Spring, grouped with other roofs in your neighborhood. We will touch-up the roof up to a set dollar amount that you have pre-approved. We inspect the roof thoroughly and touch-up as required. We then call and tell you the total for the time and materials on your roof that will be charged to your card. We then mail you the inspection slip with the inspection notes. You are automatically on the list for 5 years later. Any touch-up is a preliminary to re-coating, so if you want a re-coat estimate, let us know in the e-mail. If you want an appointment, or have other requirements that prevent your roof from being part of the group inspection, we may charge a fee. Remember the median charge last year was only $45.00on our old roofs. Sorry, we don’t offer this in Marin and Contra Costa areas.

Joined: Mar 24 2003

Randy is absolutely right, I should have been clearer. Durafoam told us they'd charge us for an estimate only when we asked them about recoating. Since we never contacted them about getting a roof replacement I was unaware that estimates are free in this case.


Joined: Oct 10 2003

and I can back Randy up on this as well, we were not charged for an estimate when they came out last Oct to quote on a new roof. ( and Randy did get my buisness for that job)

Joined: Jan 16 2004

I did get Able to come out and patch some leaks after 6 weeks of phone calls. Lots of them!
Able did our new roof in 2001 and it has been good with very few cracks and such.
I heard Richard at Abril will service warranties for a price.
Probably worth it as Richard and his son Rich took the Sprayer and
others from the team at Able.
These guys are good.

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