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Absestos-Should We Be Concerned?

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Thinking of purchasing an Eichler that has been updated. Owner says that the old floors were removed, and concrete sanded prior to putting down new mastic and membrane approx 7 years ago. They said that there was no absestos on the flooring, that everything was removed in order to make sure the mastic would stick. The floor was floated to insure there were no surface imperfections. They even put a waterproof membrane with fiberglass meshing along with the mastic. The tiles put on are of commercial-grade. The work was done by a licensed contractor, not an abatement company. Our concern is that there are still particulates that might be in the home. Do you think there is the chance that absestos might be present? Any thoughts or feedback would be appreciated. 

It is obviously our first time purchasing an Eichler!

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There are a lot of local companies that will test for asbestos residue at a reasonable cost. The asbestos found in floor tiles and mastic is generally well contained and much less of a contamination issue than asbestos pipe insulation and the like. However, without a good history of what was done, a test/inspection during your contingency period is cheap insurance.

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Based on what you wrote, I wouldn't be concerned, its all sealed up under the tiles, if there was any. The only problem you have is when the stuff is in the open and floating around. If its sealed up, no issue.

We had asbesto in our house when we bought it. I suspected that it might, and we peeked under the carpet and there it was. Got it remediated, and cleaned up, then just as your previous owner did, tiled over it.

We are happy the way it turned out and feel very comfortable with the situation. Hope this helps.

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