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Cabot Stains vs paint

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Joined: Mar 30 2003

I have read previously about people usuing Cabot Stains. I was wondering if anyone has used their solid stain to cover the trim around the windows? Ours looks like the original and needs to be done. I have found a Cabot Stain the matches but was told at the store that I couldn't use it indoors because the fumes are too strong. The only solid satins I can find are exterior stains. I really would rather stain than paint but it looks like paint might be my only option. Anyone with previous experience?

Joined: Mar 26 2003

The Cabot interior wood stain is oil-based, and might be unsuitable for your purpose. However, the exterior semi-solid stains are made in oil and water-bases, and the water base might work for you. I've been using the new California formulation of the exterior oil-base and it off-gasses very little. I'd guess that the exterior water base would be fine for interior use.

Cabot has a very helpful technical support line (1-800-US STAIN). I'd give them a call and see what they say.

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