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Ceiling fans?

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Joined: May 28 2003

Hi -

I've seen some discussion about re-roofing in order to make one's
house cooler during the summer. However, I haven't seen any
discussion regarding the use of ceiling fans to make one's house

Ceiling fans are used in many non-Eichlers for this purpose. Are
there certain aspects about Eichlers that make ceiling fans
impractical (or less effective) than in non-Eichlers?

I can speculate on some possibilities:
1) Electrical wiring is more difficult for anything on a ceiling in an
Eichler verses a non-Eichler.
2) The fans have to extend fairly low, below the ceiling beams (which
don't exist in non-Eichlers). This could be a hazard for tall
3) Perhaps ceiling fans would help more in houses with attics?
But I don't know if any of these are true...

We're looking for ways to keep our house cooler in the summer (we have
a flat grey tar&gravel roof with little insulation). I understand the
cooling benefits of a new roof. However, ceiling fans are definitely
cheaper - if they can do the trick. If they can only cool the house
"a little", is it worth exploring the addition of ceiling fans at the
same time one gets a new roof?

Joined: Mar 24 2003

I'm interested in various ways folks have installed ceiling fans as well. It would appear that the "cleanest" installation would be to drill a hole through the roof and have no wires showing in the interior. However, I am now very familiar with the issues that holes in roofs may cause (if you all remember my brand new hardwood floors had to be torn out and reinstalled due to water leakage).

How have fellow eichler owners gone about ceiling fan installation? What is the best and most professional way to do it?


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