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Concrete flooring contractor recs in SF Bay Area?

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We're redoing our floors in our Eichler. We currently have wood, carpet and tiles in various states of disrepair. We considered cork but we've decided on going the concrete route to improve the heat transfer of the radiant heat. We like the raw look so the imperfections and cracks are OK w/ us. For really bad spots, we may even paint the floor w/ a mural or use some type of industrial floor decals for fun.

Does anyone have experience/recs on contractors who can grind down our floors and finish them? My existing contractor can handle the demo.

Send recommendations directly to oldskoolboarder2001 AT, or post in the Rec Room.

Joined: May 4 2007

Bumping this back up.

My main contractor has had multiple subcons simply not show up for estimate meetings. Don't get me started... It appears that many contractors who do this sort of work do it for large office buildings and airport hangars, so they're not equipped for houses. And referrals for polishing concrete only result in those who do countertops.

We've got approximately 2000' for concrete floor that we want ground down, sealed, and polished. After removing the ceramic tile, laminate hardwood, carpet and linoleum in various rooms, we're down to bare concrete. Some patches of Flexall from previous radiant repairs but most of the concrete is in very good condition. We're still interested in the rough look as well.

If anyone has any leads or recommendations, please send them along. Much thanks.

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