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Cordovan Brown exterior flat paint

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Joined: Jan 19 2005

Hi, I am doing the prep work on the exterior of my house, and would like to paint it like the original Cordovan Brown, with the turquoise door, but I cannot find anything exactly the same at paint stores...there are so many shades of brown, Does anyone have any suggestions as to where I can find something pretty close?

Thanks, John Kunkel

Joined: Jan 16 2004

Would try the Benjamin Moore brand.
They have great color selection and
the best paint IMO.

Joined: Mar 25 2003

California Paints on El Camino in Sunnyvale has original color formulations.

I've also found that many of the Cabot Stain colors also match the original colors pretty closely.

Finally, Sherwin Williams has a line of historical accurate colors including a suburban modern palette. Sycamore Tan #SW 2855 might fit your needs.

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