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Eichler article in Willow Glen Resident local paper

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Just thought I'd mention that a reporter from a neighbourhood newspaper interviewed some Willow Glen Eichler owners and wrote a cover story on it. I think she said her interest in doing the story came from receiving an Eichler Network newsletter. So, to whoever sent the newsletter to the newspaper, thanks for drumming up some interest.

I think the reporter did very well, especially considering she is new to the whole Eichler phenomenon. She gave the article a good amount of space with pictures, nice to see. I had only a couple of questions after reading it--I thought there were at least 5 Eichler tracts in San Jose, 3 or 4 of them in Willow Glen, she mentioned only the Fairglen one. Also, a possible mis-caption on a picture that said atriums were a defining feature of Eichlers where I might have said "atriums and courtyards". But all in all, well written and good promotion/education. Thank you to those who opened their homes to her.

You can read it for yourself at:


eichfan at rawbw dot com