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GROUND RULES -- Please read before posting

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Chatterbox Lounge Ground Rules

Welcome to the Chatterbox Lounge and the Home Maintenance Hotline, an informal place -- like your living room perhaps -- where Eichler and other mid-century modern homeowners and fans can feel comfortable discussing and sharing concerns and solutions related to their homes and lifestyle. Please read and observe these important Chatterbox Lounge ground rules before continuing:

1. All posts represent the opinions of the poster and do not necessarily reflect those of the Eichler Network or its service company members. You are legally responsible for content that you post in the Chatterbox.

2. To avoid redundant topics and posts, use the search box to search for the topic, information, or assistance you need. For quick answers to home maintenance concerns, see our 'FAQ on Eichlers.' The Home Maintenance Hotline section is dedicated to Eichler home maintenance-related issues.
For real estate needs and listings -- including rentals -- please do not post in the Chatterbox; instead contact the real estate representatives in our CA-Modern Homes for Sale department. To pose a question to the Eichler Network staff, please email us directly.

3. Please make your subject headings clear, concise, and in good taste. Posters are expected to treat others with respect and kindness. Personal attacks and flaming will not be tolerated. If you have a complaint, make it once and make sure you have facts to support it. Complaints about Eichler Network advertisers should be reported in writing directly to the Eichler Network staff for possible assistance with resolution facilitation (see 'Feedback and Complaints').

4. The Chatterbox and the Home Maintenance Hotline are not commercial platforms. Ads and solicitations from dealers/service providers are not allowed. Service companies or dealer representatives may not compare quality of work or pricing, or criticize other service companies. Spamming or other repetitive, off-topic, or commercial posts may be deleted and violators banned. Do not post recommendations of any service companies by name or by linked recommendation, including those companies found on this site and in Eichler Network publications. To avoid having such recommendations edited or deleted, please e-mail your service company recommendations directly to inquiring parties, or post in our Rec Room forum following the guidelines there. If you represent a company responding to a post that requests your service or product, please respond to that post by placing a private direct e-mail to the inquirer.

5. Posts deemed in violation of Eichler Network ground rules may be edited or deleted and violators banned at the sole discretion of the Eichler Network.

6. By reserving the right to edit or delete posts, the Eichler Network does not assume a duty to do so.

7. By providing an email address during registration, you agree (“opt-in”) to receive emails from the Eichler Network regarding your Eichler Network account.

Thank you. We hope you enjoy the Chatterbox Lounge and the Home Maintenance Hotline.