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Holiday light displays.. behind obscure glass. Quite intense

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Joined: May 7 2003

It's that wonderfull time of year again... and the Holiday light displays go up.

Every year, I suggest to fellow Eichlerholics a real cool thing I saw as a kid... putting the lights behind your obscure glass.

If you have one of those models with such glass on the front of the house -or flanking the atrium- you probably already know the beautifull, halo-like coronas the lights produce when seen through it. Further, you can experiment with different sized light halos... lights farther from the glass produce larger, more diffuse haloes, than do lights close to the glass. Finally, obscure glass hides the wires. which makes the whole thing more mysterious.

Hope the following pics will give you some idea...

And given the recent issue of CA Modern, I wonder how the Aluminum Tree -lit with the color light wheel- would look like through the glass!

Try it.. it's really etherial. And PLEASE SEND OR UPLOAD PICS!

to email me:

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It's not an Eichler...but we do have an obscure glass wall that faces the street. We always put up a tree with white lights there...

Merry Christmas from Nashville TN!

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