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Joined: Dec 8 2003

:) Hi everyone - I mentioned that our Eichler was going to be on curb appeal last January as we were re-modeling it... well this week is show time. Catch our Terra Linda Eichler this week scheduled as follows on HGTV's Curb Appeal

May 12th at 10:00pm
May 13th 7:00pm
May 15th 12:30pm
May 16th 8:30pm

Happy Watching...

Party Queen

Joined: Mar 20 2003


Way to go, guys!

I just saw it and it was the best Eichler on that show yet. They have managed to screw some Eichlers up in the past, but you got it right!

Loved the gate, reminds me of Palm Springs! Loved the paint color! Loved the new steps! Loved your rack for your salt and pepper shakers!

I hope this show serves as great inspiration for Eichler owners. You showed that mid-century modern design is truly timeless!

For those you don't have HGTV, or missed it, here's a link with photos,1797,HGTV_37...


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I saw the show Thursday night, great job!

I really loved those steps! That is what we would like to do at the front of our house so guests do not have to walk up the driveway.

I am really glad you got rid of that juniper too.

One thing that irked me though, the host kept referring to Eichler as a "designer", which we know he was not. I just hate when shows have factual errors like that. (The limo was not a sixties vehicle either, but now I am just being nit picking.)

Cool Mustang, BTW.

Enjoy your new digs!

Joined: Apr 10 2003

It looks great!

What's the lag time between the completion and the first airing?

Wishing for modern home.

Joined: Mar 20 2003

They have that lag now on all shows to make sure Janet Jackson is not hiding behind the junipers :wink:

Joined: Jan 16 2004

Awesome show. You all did an Outstanding Job with your House Front.
Certainly something to be Proud of.
Loved everything especially how the Gate turned out.
Thanks for the inspiration

Joined: Oct 13 2003

Hey 'partyqueen'
Nice choices all around - the groovy stairs, paint colors and charming door knocker. (what a great find!) It's always good to see other Eichler owners trying to preserve history with an appropriate use of modern design & materials.

Joined: Oct 13 2003

I forgot to add - my husband and I were green with envy when we saw you found ORIGINAL exterior lights! Where did you find those? We have been searching for ages for original lights to fix all the "modernization" our house has suffered. We have a brass carraige light by our front door for pete's sake :-C yuck.

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