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Removing skylight

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Hello all,

We currently have two skylights - one is over one of the bedrooms that we want to remove because we will start using it for our kids. Does anyone know the best way for a contractor to patch the roof planks? For example, should he replace the entire planks from wall to wall or simply put some wood in as a "patch" where the skylight was before?

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Removing a skylight requires replacing the roof boards that surround the skylight.  The boards are cut on top of the beams, where the cut can't be seen.  New boards are fitted and nailed to the beams.  Naturally, the roof over these boards must be removed and replaced.

Less expensive approaches  you could consider are:  1.  Have a louvered shade made to fit in the skylight opening. ...or ...  2. Put trim inside the skylight box flush with the ceiling and use the trim to hold an opaque panel (of your choice) in place.. or .. 3. Remove the skylight, put plywood over the top of the box, put the skylight back over the plywood for waterproofing.  You could try all three methods and still be at least $1,500 ahead vs. removing part of your roof and replacing some ceiling boards.

I think you should try to block the light, and  leave the box in place.  We are reactivating a covered skylight right now on a roof we are installing.  Somebody wanted light in that spot in the past, and somebody else now needs light there again.

Randy from Dura-Foam Roofing and Solar Center

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