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terrazzo vinyl tile

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My terrazzo vinyl floor tiles (40 years old) are coming up./cracking. Where can I get new ones?used ones? Any recommendations for contracters . Any experience re replacing tiles with wood floors on radiant heated slabs?
(Marin county).
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I recommend using Armstrong Excelon VCT tiles. Very affordable and they go well with the house. There are numerous past postings and stories on flooring that you can find by searching through these archives, but quickly they do note some problems with wood flooring. They can warp if not installed correctly and many create an insulating layer because of air that circulates under the the wood. VCT, stone and ceramic tile are best for radiant floors. I like VCT because it's original looking, affordable and not too expensive to replace should you have to rip up a few to repair a leak.

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I am interested to see your vinyl tile.

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Are your vinyl tiles the sticky kind that stick to the base floor? I would think that the heat from the slabs would cause the glue to break down over time which kind of sounds like what happened. I'm not sure if floating wood floors would be safe on a heated slab? I really like stone tiles and have had them installed in one of my bathrooms.

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Vinyl tiles are very popular choice for flooring because of its many positive qualities. It is very durable, caring for it is easy, comes in various designs, installs easily, and most importantly, it is very cheap, compared to other flooring options. The key to having vinyl tiles that will truly last a long time is having a regular maintenance routine to make sure that the tiles are in good shape and condition.

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