Why choose one of our Eichler Network specialty realtors? Here's why...

1. They know Eichlers inside and out.
Knowledge is the key to success. If you want to buy an Eichler, and you want the best results, link up with a realtor who knows the nuances of the Eichler home. An Eichler-specialty realtor knows pros and cons of Eichlers, the market, the developments, the school districts, the inspection needs, the property appraisers, and the resources to maintaining the home once you have moved in. Just any realtor won't do. Look for an Eichler-specialty realtor.

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2. They know the Eichler inspection process.
Eichlers are different than other California houses -- they have radiant-heat systems inside the floors, flat roofs, walls of glass, and other unique features which require specialized inspectors to properly appraise them at the time of sale. By nature of their work, Eichler-specialty realtors not only know the roster of specialty inspectors, they know the ones best for your particular inspection needs.

3. They possess knowledge of what is coming on the market.
Eichler-specialty realtors are plugged into the Eichler market grapevine, even beyond the Eichler Network's 'Eichlers for Sale' online department. If an Eichler is soon to come on the market, they usually catch wind of them before other realtors. And sometimes they are privy to Eichlers-for-sale that will become private sales, that never reach the open market (MLS).

4. They can locate Eichler developments to match your family's needs.
There are more than 50 Eichler developments around the San Francisco Bay Area and several in Southern California. Some of them are large tracts, containing hundreds of homes; others are small, with a dozen or less houses. In addition, there are hundreds of custom-built Eichlers in Northern California. Your Eichler-specialty realtor knows where to find even the tiny, hidden developments, which will increase your chance of finding an Eichler home in the geographic region that matches your family's needs.

5. They are tied to property appraisers who are Eichler savvy.
Getting an accurate appraisal of the Eichler home you want to purchase is important at the time of sale, especially when you're looking to qualify for necessary loan financing. Not all property appraisers share the same understanding or appreciation of Eichler homes. Eichler-specialty realtors know the lending institutions that look to Eichler-friendly appraisers who can help to positively impact the loan process.

6. They remain valuable resources -- even after the sale.
All homes need periodic maintenance, and Eichlers are no exception. But with Eichlers, because of their unique construction and features, not every service company can properly do the job. Eichler-specialty realtors know the service companies who can attend to your Eichler with know-how and confidence, and with sensitivity for reinforcing your home's architectural integrity. If your realtor is an Eichler specialist, he or she will continue to be a valuable resource even after you move in, directing you to the best solutions and resources for properly maintaining and renewing your Eichler home.

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