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Any Eichler's in Fremont?

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Joined: Oct 28 2003

A realtor in Fremont distributed a flyer for an "Eichler" house. The flyer says, "Exceptional Eichler Home for sale" and "Rarely available, this Eichler could be yours." The house is located at 2273 Castillejo Way, in Fremont, CA.

I wasn't aware that Eichler built any houses in Fremont. Is this for real, or is it just some creative marketing on the part of the realtor? The flyer has a couple of pics on it, I could scan it in and send to anyone who wants a closer look (contact: pbwh at comcast dot net).

Is there any definitive list somewhere that tells all the Eichlers that were built? If this is not really an Eichler, then it seems like the realtor must be breaking some law by calling a house an "Eichler" when it's not. It's at least false advertising....

Castillejo Way has all kinds of custom houses on it, built in the '60s and maybe early 70s. If this house is indeed an Eichler, then it would be an Eichler in sea of definitely non-Eichler houses. Aren't real Eichlers usually in a tract of many? Thanks for any help.

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It could be a custom Eichler, but there are not tracts or enclaves built by Eichler in any of his business incarnations in Fremont. The reason I doubt it is an Eichler is that some realtors are notorious for (besides spray-gunning Eichler resales white to stage them for sale) calling anything that is mid-century modern and maybe has projecting eaves and beam tails an Eichler. If you post the picture here, it would be clear whether it is a "special" Eichler or a "Like"-ler, or neither.


Joined: Apr 26 2003

I would tend to doubt it is an Eichler.

Any other votes?

Joined: Apr 10 2003

It being a Likeler. Wasn't there some posts on here way back that mentioned Likelers called Gavello Homes? Perhaps it's one of those....

Wishing for modern home.

Joined: Mar 20 2003

if it is a Gavello Home, it was most likely designed by Anshen+Allen, though I have not seen this Gavello model before.

Nice find,

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Yes, that's correct picture posted above by Jeff. Where did you find that? I couldn't even find it on the realtor's own home page (

On thursday I sent the following email to the realtor:

Hi Linda,

I received one of your flyers for the "Eichler" house on Castillejo Way in Fremont. But according to my research, there were no Eichlers built in Fremont. See:

The Castillejo house may be what they call a "Like-ler", but not a real Eichler. It would be a good idea to clarify this to any prospective buyers, since some buyers might be willing to pay more for the Eichler "brand", which could bring negative repercussions later on when they find out it isn't really an Eichler.


I haven't heard back from her on that yet. The silence is deafening... :wink:

Joined: Mar 10 2004

I live in a neighborhood in Mountain View that's half Eichlers, half "Mackeys" - which are basically ugly Eichler knockoffs that tend to feature prominent "pig-snout" type garages. Perhaps the home in the picture is a Mackey?

Joined: Mar 2 2004

Every Mackey we've seen has 2x8 fibreboard panels for the ceiling. On our website, click on 'projects' over the map, then Mountain View, then the big concentration of red dots to see the neighborhood. Mackeys are not close to being Eichlers.
I doubt that the 'Eichler' wannabe has radiant heating or Phillipine Mahogany paneling or redwood tongue and groove for a ceiling.

Joined: Jan 4 2004

That is a tough one. From the photo, it appears that the siding is lap siding
(horizontal grooves) which does not qualify or disqualify it, because I was working on an original Diamond Heights Eichler in SF today that had lap siding. the lines of the building are similiar to a model in the SM Highlands, but the eave beams don't extend far enough over the driveway to be that same model (but, again I've seen original 5 BR Eichlers that have the same short eave detail in front).
It seems that in the mid-sixties, there were many components of design (such as these) that were used in several developments, but I have to say that I have never seen lap siding on an original single story Eichler (I'm not saying that it was never installed originally, I just have not seen it yet; or, that this particular house may have had the original siding replaced or covered). Also, one detail that I have seen exclusively on single story Eichlers is a particular corner molding, made of redwood, that is not mass produced (we have to mill it ouselves) and is nearly all outside
corners, and it measures either 1-11/16" sq or 1-3/4" sq. Even some Streng homes, that have a siding that is very close to the Eichler 2" on center, wide groove siding, do not have this corner molding detail (Strengs have 1-1/2" corner molding, which is mass-produced.
My vote: probably a Likeler.


Joined: Apr 10 2003

One can go to a good public library and look at the fiches of the major newspapers in the bay area about the time it was built (might get a clue about that from the sidewalk contractor if they put year and their name on the sidewalk in the neighborhood) and see if there are any display ads or articles from the real estate section or do the same if they have it computerized. Have fun!

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Look at the beams supporting the flat garage. It appears that this house might be missing the 'Signature' lake on the garage. I have never seen a flat garage without a sunken low area in the middle. This puddle gets deeper and heavier over the years. Dura-Foam always has to build this up to eliminate the low area. Our customer have very well insulated garages.
Eichler had lots of pieces specially made. One of our customers in the San Mateo Highlands watched his Eichler being constructed. They were using a Dow Corning fiberglass material to insulate the roof. It was slightly less than 1" thick. He knew that Dow Corning did not make this thickness. He called them and found that they were making this thickness for Eichler. It was no big deal since it only cost $12 a month to heat an Eichler at that time. Were those the 'good old days'?

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Hi, I'm Newbie.
Did anybody ever find out anything about the "Likeler" at 2273 Castillejo Way in Fremont? I live in Fremont and drove up to look at this house.
I think it's interesting that it is surrounded by huge 70's-ish houses.
When was this little beauty built, and how did it escape the wrecking ball when the pretentious 70's houses were built? If anybody knows the history of this house, could you post an update?
Any info about this house would be appreciated.
Jan :)

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