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d'mand hot water system

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Has anyone had experience with the d'mand hot water system?

It's basically a water pump that you install at or near the end of the hot water line. The pump is activated by the user and it pumps the hot water line into the cold water line, basically it flushes the hot water line and pushes the tepid/cold water back to the hot water tank to be re-heated. This would shorten the time needed to wait for hot water at a shower or sink that is far from the hot water tank. In my Eichler, the master bathroom was a later add on and the shower/sink can take about 3 minutes for hot water to reach it, therefore a lot of water is wasted (we don't like the jolt from cold water in the shower). More information available on the web:

For us this looks like a viable option to installing an on-demand hot water tank for just the master bathroom. Has anyone else used this? Looking for opinions, feedback, experience, and contractor or plumber that can install it. Thanks!


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Thanks for sharing this useful information with us,At that time i thought that was the best

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