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Eichler's color palette

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I read that Eichler had a color palette for his homes.

Does anyone have this palette?
Does it come in PMS (Pantone) colors?

Any leads is much appreciated.


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I'd want to see this as well...

There is a very fine line between "hobby" and "mental illness".

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I found this on the internet. I googled "Eichler color palette" and got a website that had information on this as well as other. The info that was pertinent to your questions is as follows:

9) He was very particular about the overall look of his house. He gave his clients very limited choice regarding exterior color-scheme. He used to choose two or three color-schemes and then let the client chose the final one.

10) He used gray and earthy color palette for the interior. The ceiling would be gray washed, stained, redwood. The dark brown or black beams would provide an excellent contrast to it."

You can also look at the popular colors in the artwork at that time because interior art and home color palettes of the same time period would be very similar. That's why you see so many 1950 and 1960 vintage paintings in earth tone browns, burnt sienna, greys, oranges, olive green, and reds and so on. Because Eichler made homes that invited the exterior landscape into the living area, the color schemes were part of that fusion, thus the use of earthtones. The names of colors may have changed to match designer savvy lingo. For instance in the 70's "avacado green" was the rage - today it has been slapped with a new label "wasabi green" and is a tad brighter than the drab "avacado green" of the 70's.
I've studied the vintage color palettes for years as a modern retro artist and found a correlation between the colors that Eichler was doing his homes in and what the interior artists of that time period were doing. I can't state it as a fact but I'm sure that these things aren't a coincidence.

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Do a search on this forum using "paint colors and you will get a bunch of information. I don't know where you are located but there is a paint store in Sunnvale on El Camino called California Paints that has some of the original colors for the local Eichlers.

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