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Foam roof repair/patch

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Hi, have any of you homeowners tried to perform a foam roof patch/repair yourself?  If so, do you have any experience with the Versi-Foam foam roof repair kits?  We recently added a roof vent and skylight to our bathroom and I'm interested in performing the foam patch work myself as a 'do it yourself' project.  Thanks.

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This is a common request.  Our foam roofs are great for their ability to be easily, permanently modified.  Retrofitting is very common.  See the list below of common items that are added to our roofs.  Each has a handy PDF showing great detail.  These PDF's are displayed sideways, so contractors will be forced to print them and take the instructions on the roof. 
No foam is required, just careful cutting, caulk and galvanized flashings.  If you follow directions, these 'fixes' are permanent.

Click on this link to the proper section of our website:

When you see the list below at Example, click on the Bathroom Fan at the bottom.  Number 9 in the details is an easily made flashing that is stuck to the roof in a bed of caulk.

Installation Instructions & Specs (PDF Format)

Just remember to use only exterior caulk, and nothing temporary or black or made of tar on foam roofs. Don't use the Can Foam. It has nearly the same waterproofing abilities as French Bread.
Randy from Dura-Foam Roofing and Solar Center

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@Highlandsdad I have patched my roof using 3 pound density foam in a do it yourself kit from Foam It Green.  It worked great.  Make sure to use the 3 pound density and cover it with a thick paint so the foam isn't exposed to sunlight.

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