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Hardwood over EasyFloor radiant?

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Has anyone had experience with the EasyFloor radiant system? We have an Eichler that needs a new radiant system (home built in 1956, steel radiant tubing, no longer works despite repeated attempts to repair.)

We want to put in new radiant heat, and we like hardwood floors, but had become convinced that hardwood over radiant is a recipe for problems. But now this Easy Floor system has been recommended to us.

We don't like the look of radiant valence or base board heating. And forced air wouldn't work for us. Raising the floors 2" is not a problem as we are doing extensive remodelling anyway. We really like radiant floor heating.

There seem to be some advantages to the EasyFloor system over other options.

1) The EasyFloor system appears to be simple to install (vs plywood WarmBoard or Gyp-Crete thin slab systems).
2) The tubing support structure (base module) provides an air gap between the slab and the thermal mass (new floor) making it possible for a radiant reflector (below the structure) to actually work. We would lay the structure over a 1/4" thick underlayment (Prodex) composed of a reflective aluminum foil, polyethylene film (vapor barrier), and closed cell foam (insulation).
3) This system would not take as long to install as light weight concrete (Gyp-Crete) because there would be no drying time or residual moisture issues.
4) Response time would be fairly quick due to a thinner thermal mass and the fact that it is isolated from the existing slab.
5) It would appear that repair would not be as difficult as thin slab.
6) Hardwood floors (which we really love) might be more doable in certain areas of the house (as opposed to tile everywhere.) We would probably put down a layer of cement backer board (thermal mass), then the wood flooring. Where there is tile, we would put down two layers of cement backer (as recommended by EasyFloor).

Our goal would be to install a new radiant floor over our existing slab, and have the option of hardwood (engineered or solid) in certain areas (bedrooms, living room, dining room). We would be sure to select radiant friendly wood flooring (size and type of wood) and probably allow it to float. We would control temperature rise and fall rates to be gradual, and not run too hot. A company called Launstein appears to have done some research in this area.

Has anyone had experience with EasyFloor? hardwood over EasyFloor?


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If you havent installed the easy floor yet and you have two inches to work with I would suggest an all copper system. Up front cost is more but it is a lifetime system and its more efficient.

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Thanks for the suggestions

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I have the same problem, please let me know if you do install the EasyFloor and the price.

We no longer use our radiant heat. We replaced it with a Trane force-air heat/air system, that was placed on top of the roof. It's ok but I am still cold on cold days and wished I still had radiant heat.


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