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Light globes and rods with hardware for free

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Joined: May 18 2005

We have three globe lights available. 

One is original, but just a glass globe, no metal rod. It is about 9 inch in diameter, and the opening is 3 3/4 inch.  It has a tiny chip off at the opening, but you would probably not notice if it was hanging from the ceiling.

The second glass globe might not be an original, it looks slightly different and not as frail as the first one. We got it at a garage sale, but it did not fit our own lamps. This one is 7.5 inch in diameter, with an opening of 3 inch.

The third glass globe is a small one, from the hallway. It is about 6 inches in diameter, with an opening of about 2.5 inches.

Then two metal rods, also from the above mentioned garage sale. These look original, with a yellow Betterlite sticker. They are both black, with top and bottom plates and (old!) wires. One has a rod of about 10 inch long, the other is about 3 inch. The short one looks great, the longer one is very dusty and corroded.

But I am giving these away for free, to a good Eichler home!

Contact me at elies AT harbers DOT com.

We are in the Sunnyvale Fairbrae tract.