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Floor Recommendations

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Joined: Aug 27 2011

I've just entered into contract on an atrium model Eichler in the San Mateo Highlands. I'm very excited and have lots of questions. First things first...the floors.

It's a very original house and I believe still has the original vct (w/asbestos) floors. I'm looking for recommendations of both abatement companies for removing the tiles/adhesive and for a concrete specialist for refinishing the floors. I may end up going the low cost route (removing the old tile myself, new vct/linoleum instead of concrete) but I'd like to get quotes from recommended contractors before making that decision.

Thanks in advance for answering this question and probably many more to come.

Joined: Aug 27 2011

Oh...I realize that the rules forbid you from posting recommendations for companies. So please PM me.

Thanks again.

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