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Moisture in living room floor outlets

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Joined: Feb 15 2013

Hi all,
I recently had my radiant heat tested for pressure and it was determnined that it is "unlikely" there are leaks.
The other day I opened up one of the floor mounted outlets in the living room floor and saw drops of moisture inside. Does this suggest a leak in the system or could this moisture be migrating from the ground through the slab? Drainage is poor on the property (which is something which will be addressed this Spring). Thanks in advance for any responses. Hans

Joined: Apr 19 2007

in my limited experience, floor leaks are fairly profuse. you're probably noting condensation or ground seepage. but you're also noting a good reason to swap that outlet with a GFCI -- or better yet, install a GFCI outlet upstream from this one to protect not just the outlet, but that leg of the circuit. with a GFCI upstream, you'll not need one in the floor also (two GFCIs installed in series will "fight" each other). be sure, too, to install a proper floor outlet box.

Joined: Feb 15 2013

Thanks for your input RNM

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