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original eichler ink size? replacements? (terra linda mainly)

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hi: i'm helping a friend remodel a bathroom from afar. i'm wondering if anyone could tell me the size of the original eichler sinks -- specifically those used in terra linda (san rafael). i know they're circular-ish -- either oval or round and rimmed with metal.

many folks have used the kohler tahoe as a replacement, but it's a square model. what have other folks used? we're looking at replacing the sink because of damage and the want for a one-hole (as opposed to 3-hole) sink.


Joined: Apr 19 2007


fyi: the sinks in terra linda are 18in round and held in by a huddee ring. unfortunately, there are not 18in cast iron replacements, but bootz makes an 18in pressed-metal model that could be slipped into the existing ring (although it's not as smooth/simple as the original). vance industries also re-makes the rings. i'd add links, but i think it's forbidden. google is your friend, i s'pose.


fortunately, the hole itself is little more than 18in across which means that a 19in drop-in sink will fit in the original hole (granted, not recessed like with the huddee ring). the kohler radiant is likely the most original-esque model, but there's a great variety of 19in round sinks made of porcelain and metal from toto, american standard, kohler, crane, etc.


conceivably, one might also be able to use the kohler tahoe sink with the kohler metal ring -- you'd have to cut a larger hole, of course, but methinks the existing hole isn't too big to make it impossible.


happy remodeling, folks.

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