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Original Eichler Items

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Joined: Feb 20 2005

On Feb 20 I posted we are demoing our original Eichler. Unfortunately the post has dissapeared along with item inquiries and email addresses. If anyone is still interested or in need please let me know and I will get back to you. I forgot to mention I have Shoji(?) sliding doors if anyone needs them. I hope I explained them correctly. They are made out of a paper rice type material with black wood frames. I have 4 of them along with the original brochure they came with. Also what I thought was an exhaust fan-I think is the door bell chime or holder if you will that is in the kitchen made out of an aluminum type material. If anyone would like to see it and clarify I am more than happy to email you the photo. Lastly we also have the original outdoor lighting and a ton of paneling, globe lights and closet doors. Thanks

Joined: Jan 16 2004

We would love the Outdoor lights if available and can be reached at

Joined: May 20 2004

I would be interested in the Soji screens and any Globe light you might have available

Kind Regards,


Joined: Oct 5 2004

Hi, I'd be interested in the outdoor lights and any outside paneling if you have any. You can contact me at ppless at earthlink dot net. Thank you, Petra

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