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Original Eichler Kitchen for sale

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Joined: Nov 10 2007

We have the following items for sale following the remodeling of our original Eichler kitchen:

1. Cooktop Cabinet, 51.5" wide, 29.5" deep and 30.5" high with attached swinging table in formica, 29"x48" (extends)

2. Oven Cabinet, 25" wide, 30" deep and 56"high

3. Base Cabinets, including double sink and original formica top, 36" high, 92" wide and 24.5" deep with counter top in original formica 116" wide and backsplash 116" wide, 19.5 " high (gives space for a standard dishwasher)

4. Cabinets, 80" high, 45" wide, 13.5" deep

5. 24" high Upper Cabinets, 13.5" deep and 117" wide

Cabinets are in decent shape, drawers in poor condition.

Call Trond at (925) 548 3128

Joined: Mar 22 2003


Are they still available? We live around the corner.

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