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Paneling problem-version 2

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This is a re-post subject to Jake's suggestion: The interior paneling on both the perimeter walls and the interior walls has come apart in certain places. There are seams, which were either taped or stapled down during some shoddy remodeling job (prior to my purchase of the property) that have cracked-meaning as I look at my newly painted paneled walls, there are cracks that go from the ceiling to the floor. I frankly have no idea what has caused these vertical cracks other than it started happening after heavy rain. I believe these cracks are between the individual panels. I am not sure if moisture is a contributing factor...or a factor at all. All I know is that i need to replace these panels so I am not staring at these types of walls.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to replace them, and who to use to do so. Any input or suggestions is greatly appreciated. Adam

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Can you clarify your situation a little more? It might be helpful when you do to use the following terminology:

- material on the outside of the house: exterior siding
- material on the inside of the house: interior panelling
- walls forming the shell (footprint) of the house: perimeter walls
- walls dividing up the living space: inside walls

You say the exterior panellng is "cracking" due to the heavy rains and the previous owner's failure to "tape" the panelling properly.

- Assuming you mean interior panelling on perimeter walls, are you referring to original mahogany 4 x 8 sheets or some other type of panelling used in the renovation?

- When you say "cracking" do you mean in the main field of the panel or between panels?

- What is your reason for believing moisture is the culprit? Are you actually referring to the prior owner's failure to install/maintain the outside *siding*? Perhaps allowing water into the exterior wall? If not, how are you addressing the moisture/water issue so that the new interior surface doesn't suffer the same fate?

Original interior panelling (mahogany panels) were not "taped" to the best of my knowledge, merely butted up against each other and stapled down either side of the seam. Ditto for the exterior siding, however there was tarpaper under the siding and sometimes caulking down the seams.

Please post again with clarifications and I'm sure people will be happy to offer suggestions.


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I think I'm seeing the same thing alg is seeing: it appears that the interior panels on the perimeter walls are swelling and shrinking and otherwise moving, so that at the seam between panels, I get a little san-andreas-fault of ridges and puckers. in some places it runs the height of the panel, ie floor to ceiling

I have what are probably original panels that were painted off-white [not me, put those pitchforks down :) ] about 2-1/2 years ago, and definitely the walls being monotone are making these seams very noticeable, I would imagine that if these panels were still wood colored, I wouldnt even notice this effect.

I dont think the condition of my exterior siding is especially good or bad, so I cant imagin this is an issue of having poor exterior protection.

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