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Protecting atrium beams

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I've sanded my atrium beams but I need to add a protection on top to avoid any more damages (the recent rain make me "nervous"). Where can I find such cover? Thanks

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here's how we addressed our beams. seems to be holding up well.

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This March 2004 post still works:

We are seeing a lot of weather damage to the tops of exposed beams on Eichlers. It is easy to cap beams. Measure carefully, looking for the widest part of the beam. Sheet metal shops can fabricate whatever you need. You will need tin-snips and caulk like Renman says. Painters should offer this service when you repaint. Beams that have been painted regularly are still in good shape. Often, the tops of the beams are not painted with the rest of the house. We have started to cap beams with new roof installations and re-coating past roofs.

Measure the beam, call a sheet metal shop and they will fabricate an appropriate cap.  Installation only takes a few minutes.

Randy from Dura-Foam Roofing and Solar Center



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Thanks for the great info. I have a related question. I talked to a contractor who is recommending caps that aren't simple flat rectangular caps, but actually have a little peak above the beam - almost like a little a-frame cap. He also said that they should extend just a bit past the edge of the beam so that the water drops off the cap and falls to the ground, rather than down the side of the beam and then to the ground. He said that pulling the metal up above the beam would keep the wood from cooking under the metal.

Does this make sense? It seems practical, but also seems like overkill. I'm also not sure if this would look good.

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You have a several choices.  

Our Customers prefer the metal to wrap closely an inch or so down the side of the beam.  It looks better (less noticeable) and provides No place for insects to enter or set up housekeeping. 

If you are concerned about the temperature of the wood under the metal (I'm not) , paint it white. 

I would not use the metal extending over the sides of the beams for the insect reason alone.  Within a year, it would be lined with moth cocoons and spider egg sacks.  Providing shelter for insects can be a real nuisance.  At our office, we need to clean the webs from our security cameras weekly.....and they are 20+ feet in the air,  up clean concrete walls. 

Randy from Dura-Foam Roofing and Solar Center

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