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Radiant Heating - Add new system

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Joined: Feb 26 2018

I'm purchasing an Eichler that has central heating, so I'm guessing the original radiant heating system had leaks and/or boiler issues.  I'd like to add a new radiant heating system prior to move in and prior to installing hardwood flooring.   Based on initial research, looks like there are multiple options for a radiant heat system on top of concrete slab, which is what the house has.  Different types I've learned about that don't raise the floor height too much are Quiktrack, Roth Panel, Heat Ply, and adding a thin layer of gypsum/ concrete and tubing.  I'm wondering which type is most suitable for concrete slabs and hardwood flooring and of those which has the best heat efficieny. Are there other types out there that are better options?  I'd hate to end up with a large gas bill every month of winter. 
Any recommendations on radiant heating installers/specialists would be greatly appreciated. 
Thanks in advance!!