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What to do about neighbor's yard extrndin over a fence?

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Hi all, My wife and I have been living/owning our Sunnyvale Eichler for almost 3 tears, One of our neighbors (whom are renters) have chosen to actually to contact the owners about our trees potentially dropping leaves blowing into their swimmingpool.

Help me think through this:
1 Those trees have been there for 5-10 years (can't be a new issue?)
2, It is winter...leaves wil fall
3.There is a wonderous 200-300 ft high Pine tree in anothor neighbors house behind our proprty. - What I do as I enjoy the giant tree and then also enjoying its beauty I am rakeing up the pine needles that have fallen into my yard.

Any advice to addressung the issue peacefully would be appreciated!
-Travis :shock:

Travis & Julie
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I would suggest looking at the following link which states different situations and the law that applies. As a rule of thumb your neighbor has the right to trim back the tree to the property line as long as it does not harm it which will be at their expense. If this tree is a hazard then you have the responsibility to remove any branches which might fall into their yard. I hope the below link will help you. If your tree is not over the property line then there is nothing they can do. They might want to take it up with mother nature.

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I don't have any experience on the legal aspects, but as someone with a neighbor (1) whose oleander roots are causing my side aggregate walkway to buckle and (2) whose 50-ft redwood tree roots are the likely source of breaking one of my sprinkler pipes and sucking water from a planting area, I have sympathy for the offended neighbor.

Do you rake and gather leaves, or just leave them on the ground to become compost. I get leaves from a neighbor 2 houses away, but my lawn service guy rakes up anything on my property, so we live and let live.

Perhaps your neighbor suffered for 5-10 years with your leaves blowing over, or are they SOB's. Renters are different from owners, but they have the same right of enjoyment as the owner without the equity risk/reward.

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