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Which earthquake insurance?

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Joined: Mar 20 2003

A neighbor recommended GeoVera as an alternative to CEA (California Earthquake Authority) for earthquake insurance.
I got a quote from and it was indeed at almost half the cost at the same level of coverage and deductible.
A comment anyone? More choices?
What do people in general think about earthquake insurance for Eichlers - worth it?


Joined: Aug 12 2004

Any insurance company is only as good as it's ability to pay after a major catastrophy, like an earthquake.

Meaning their cash reserves or resources to pull from to pay off claims.

If they can't pay off the claims, does it matter that they have lower cost (lower premiums)? The gamble is that you'll be one of the first to get paid, and then the "others" will be stuck with no payments.

I have earthquake and flood insurance on my Eichler, as I can't afford to pay for a rebuild out of pocket.

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