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is cork floor really appropriate for eichler homes?

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Joined: Jun 12 2005

I love the look and feel of natural cork.
Besides being beautiful, it's also good to the nature.
It has been recommended many times for eichler homes -- it was one of the original floor materials. But is it really a good match for eichler homes?

I am still suspicious of heating efficacy when used with radiant heating.
If floating cork boards are used, wouldn't three layers of wood and cork reduce the efficiency of the radiant heat?
And the cork being excellent insulator, the heat conduction from the floor would be zilch. My 1959 eichler house has hard time keeping itself warm even without any flooring material on it ( I have stained bare concrete. )

Stained concrete is fantastic in the midst of summer ( it's like giant heat sink ), and somewhat cozy in the winter when heating is on. However, it's hard on the joints, and its menacing heat sinking property freezes our little feet during spring and fall months when heating is not necessary.

I would love to hear the experience of eichler owners with cork flooring installed. Please do not spare me the details, such as installation types, and what not.

Joined: Feb 8 2005

We have the glue down type cork tiles, 4mm thick in our Eichler.
The radiant heat comes right through! It made a 100% difference.
I do suggest that if you get cork tiles choose one with a matt finish, as the shiny varnish tends to come off. The cork you referred to are the planks and my guess would be that there would be some heat loss because of the thickness.
Hope this helps.

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