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Foam Roof installer recommendations in Terra Linda, San Rafa

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Joined: Jul 18 2009

Time for a new roof on our Terra Linda Eichler. Considering spray on foam as number one option. Would love to hear feedback, experience on local contractors before I drop the cash. Please send any advice, experience, recommendations to Pleeeeeaaase. Every roofer seems to have a horror story about some other roofer.

Joined: Sep 7 2009

Hi, we are having the same problem.. abril seems expensive and slick, not interested in helping the ponding problems, they say it can't be done for a spray foam. while spray foam seems best option to avoid roof tear off, the modified bitumen rigid foam guy (Gil in san rafael) estimate told us that we should absolutely tear off the 2 existing layers and do rigid foam for best performance.
custom craft out of san leandro came and they wanted to put in 4 rain chains- yuk, to honor their warranty... but Keith at custom craft seemed very knowledgable and skilled...

Wedge roofing said our roof was fine for 5 more years, but all others said we need to do t now- anyways, love to chat more about what experiences you've had and share more about ours

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We're going thru the same process at Stanford. Trying to decide if keep to the re-organized company - Roofing Responsibly, - who put a foam core-tar and gravel on 16 yrs ago. I'm hesitant, though they're giving us credit towards a new roof for the leaks they've recently fixed. Will it be around 15-20 yrs down the road?
Would like to know how you decided on the company you chose. We have a flat roofed Eichler with atrium.

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