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looking for original eichler door knob

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Joined: Jan 25 2005

The door knob to my eichler was replaced by a cheese 80's door knob. I have been looking in hardware stores for one that comes close, but no luck. Anyone know were to find one or a replica?


Joined: Mar 20 2003

If you are looking for a knob for your door, the Schlage Plymouth in brushed chrome or satin nickel is a good choice for an Eichler or other mid-century modern home.

Nearly every hardware store that carries door knobs, carry Schlage. You may have to special order the brushed chrome, or satin nickel. I found ordering online was fast, easy, and cost less. Shop around.

Now, if you're looking for the escutcheon plate that sets behind it, that's tough. They don't make those anymore, though I have seen several Eichlers in the Balboa Highlands with escutcheon plates made by a local owner in Thousand Oaks (see latest issue of Atomic Ranch). While nice, they do not match the original design details. You made be able to get a local metal shop to make you one from original specs, or find one at a local yard sale.

If you need a new door, go to a door company (not Home Depot or Lowes) and order a birch, slab, paint grade door sized to your opening (not pre-hung). Have them drill and notch the door, according to your opening specs.

If you don't have an escutcheon plate, have them drill the knob hole to accommodate it when you get one in the future (I made this mistake). If you're not handy, get a local, Eichler-friendly handyman to install it.

Don't forget, this has been a popular topic on this board. Search past discussions and the FAQs for more info.

Joined: Apr 24 2003

I have 2 sources for the plate (escutcheon) behind the knob. 2 different price points.

My friend Raphael Hebert (plate only)

A guy in so Cal has one for $125 with lockset. The following is a post from a so cal newsgroup. (Email Jon for photo)

kits" work only with your door pre-drilled for the correct 5" offset...or a new door that can be drilled for the 5" offset from scratch. There have been a few inquiries regarding whether my kits will work with the usual 3" offset (it won't)..or whether my Escutcheons are a replacement for the original (they're not). My Escutcheon Kit includes the Front/Back Doorknob,Lock mechanism,Escutcheon,5"Offset Latch,Strike Plate,and of course..the Keys! All related Hardware is in Brushed Stainless Finish (Kwikset) and matches the Escutcheon quite well. Price is set at $125.00 and includes shipping via USPS Priority Mail. Please email for a Photo file (JPEG) showing the 2 different Knob styles to choose from! Thanks for inquiring and Happy Holidays! Jonathan. (

Hope this helps you!

Loni Nagwani

Joined: Jan 25 2005

Perfect, thanks! Between the knobs and the plate, I should get close to the original.

Joined: Jan 16 2004

Jon's Plate set is Terrific and it is a great replication.
Just got my Plain Slab Birch Door for $150 and it
is a great project that makes Big Impact for Little $$

Joined: May 19 2003

I bought the knob set with escutcheon from Jonathan ( and am very pleased. He has two choices of knob shape.

Chuck (West San Jose)

Joined: Jan 4 2004

I have few original doorknobs laying around, if you are still interested. Email me directly, and we can talk further.


Joined: Feb 20 2005

I have an original eichler door knob along with all harrdware if you are still interested. Let me know.

Joined: Apr 2 2003

For cranewife:

The first day you posted that you had Eichler items available, I posted a response that one of the items I was keenly interested in was the original front door hardware (knob/escutcheon). When you mailed me later with pictures, you neglected to mention the doorknob so I sent a return email to remind you that I was still interested in the doorknob/escutcheon.

I'm not sure if you are getting so many inquiries that my mail has been overlooked or if you are hoping to have interested parties bid against each other. I am still keenly interested in the front door hardware so I 'd appreciate hearing what your intentions/preferences are. Please email me directly at:

eichfan at rawbw dot com

Best regards.

eichfan at rawbw dot com

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