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Sky Light - Replacement

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Joined: Mar 16 2005

My garage was retrofitted with a sky light during a Foam Roof replacement. The sky light (metal) frame has developed a leak and I stopped it by caulking the heck out of it.

I now want to replace it, thinking it to be a simple job and a standard skylight. It is held down in a wood box by several screws and probably some caulking in the box. Well, I measured the sky light frame, actually the wood box, and found the interior length to be 19 1/2" square and outside to be about 22 1/4" square (2x4 wood). Every sky light I've seen is built around the 24" square (outside) and 48" rectangle.

Does anyone have a suggestion to find a replacement with the 19/22 inch square size ??

Joined: Dec 20 2004


That is the standard size for an Eichler -- and I got new ones from Dura-Foam.

-- Ralph

Joined: Apr 2 2003

If you email me off-line, I can point you to a skylight manufacturer with an officefront in Campbell (or you can do your own search). I got my skylights through them a couple of years back and they manufactured them to the size I gave them. Mine are a pretty good replacement for the originals. Besides being insulated, they had the added advantage of being manually operable (wired ones were also available). That's been great this summer to let out the hot air at night.

mail to eichfan at spamex dot com

eichfan at rawbw dot com

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