It's That Time of Year Again: Charles Phoenix Comes to Town

Charles Phoenix

We have a number of holiday traditions here at the Eichler Network: Wally Fields's light thing, mid-century modern Christmas trees, and of course, Charles Phoenix's retro holiday slide show, coming to town this year on Dec. 13.

If you've never experienced the irreverent cheer of a Phoenix holiday mash-up, well, you're in for an unexpected treat. The master of mid-century memorabilia collects vintage slides from a calendar full of holidays (and especially Christmas), offering a running commentary in which he hilariously points out the foibles and follies of his finds. He'll also show off some of his unique food stylings, and offer an on-the-spot "best-of" guide to local landmarks and lore.

This year's show graces the Disney Family Museum as part of its Animate Your Night: Jolly Holiday program. Tickets and more information are available through Phoenix's website.

To get a better idea of what you're in for, check out this video mash-up featuring Phoenix's appearance on Conan O'Brien: