Mid-century modern art, culture, and living at its finest

Neighbors Seek to Reconnect
Community-building efforts get underway for the Fairgrove Eichlers of Cupertino
America's recreational oasis—the swimming pool comes of age in mid-century California
Eichlers of Shangri-La
Marin's Strawberry Point—where cherished friendships rival spectacular waterfront views
Fielder's Choice
When San Francisco Giants great Willie Mays ran into the 'color barrier'—then turned to Eichler for a stylish new home
Hit the Road
Hot-spot stops for time travelers on a California road-trip getaway
Homeward Bound
From Eichler to Mackay to six more Eichlers—the house-hopping odyssey of the Walling family
Atrium Gardens
Design tips and challenges: best bets for landscaping at your home's heavenly core
How the feline form in the mid-century evoked a cool yet spiritual persona with an aura of mystery
Bay Area Reimagined
Stunning modern designs put a new face on the world we live in
Return of the Butterflies
After years of hibernation following their mid-century boom, butterfly roofs are spreading their wings once again
Porcelain Perfect
From toasters to vacuums—Shalene Valenzuela's wild 'domestic art' fools the eye as well as the mind
Magical Mystery Lure
Controversial anniversary, symposiums and walking tours pave the way for the neon sign's bright future
Memory Lanes
Lost to time—the stunning architecture and endless fun of mid-century California's classic bowling palaces
Kitchen Liberation
Did the trendsetting open cook spaces and newfangled foods of the mid-century free women—or simply trap them?
Love Letters to the Road
How childhood vacations—to Disneyland, retro motels and fun in the sun—inspired the artist in Matt Leiker
Swizzles with Sizzle
From the swingin' sixties to your living room bar—sticks of joy that stir it up as a cocktail's best friend
Winning Ways
Studio potter turned retail giant—lifelong San Franciscan Win Ng pioneered abstract ceramics and artful merchandising
Piece by Piece
Eichler owner Joan Schulze—50 years of superb storytelling in the art of fiber and collage
Visions of the Future
Right or wrong, mid-century predictions about life ahead in the 21st century are now fascinating—and amusing
Caressing Spirit
Pioneering Black modernist Art Smith designed his mid-century jewelry to move with the body—like jazz