First Impressions, Simple Statements
Unique custom design in the Oakland Hills reflects owners’ personalities—and dreams
Something in the Air
How the Eichlers of San Jose transformed an impromptu art-filled happening into the ambitious Fairglen Art Festival
This Eichler Fit the Family
Unique custom design in the Oakland Hills reflects owners’ personalities—and dreams
Eichlers of Shangri-La
Marin's Strawberry Point—where cherished friendships rival spectacular waterfront views
House of Many Colors
Drawing earthy inspiration and seamless indoor-outdoor flow from Eichler's original paint palette
Fielder's Choice
When San Francisco Giants great Willie Mays ran into the 'color barrier'—then turned to Eichler for a stylish new home
Hit the Road
Hot-spot stops for time travelers on a California road-trip getaway
First Impressions, Simple Statements
Renewing garage and entry doors with neighborly good looks and in line with the modern streetscape aesthetic
First and Foremost
How light, lines, planes and sightlines provide aesthetic and sensual pleasure
Homeward Bound
From Eichler to Mackay to six more Eichlers—the house-hopping odyssey of the Walling family
Atrium Gardens
Design tips and challenges: best bets for landscaping at your home's heavenly core
How the feline form in the mid-century evoked a cool yet spiritual persona with an aura of mystery
Suburbia in the Sky
San Francisco's Diamond Heights—where there's charm, drama and the most unique Eichlers of all
Lost in the Dark No More
Shedding light on shortcuts to evaluate systems and installers for home reroofing
Bay Area Reimagined
Stunning modern designs put a new face on the world we live in
Time for an Eichler Museum!
The rich heritage of Eichler Homes is worth remembering for more than pure nostalgia
Return of the Butterflies
After years of hibernation following their mid-century boom, butterfly roofs are spreading their wings once again
Timeless Blend
How vintage and contemporary modern furnishings come together for an inspirational mix of warmth and style
The Re-uppers
For many raised 'modern' as children, no other house feels like home today
All In
How organizing and planning at Palo Alto's Greenmeadow preserved its sense of community—and Eichler style too