Systematic approach that takes the confusion and stress out of replacing your roof   

Exploring S.F.’s Diamond Heights—Eichler house designs found nowhere else

Help us find a new owner for Eichler’s original family home who will safeguard its historical and architectural value

In hibernation too long, butterfly roofs can now be spotted spreading their wings

Home Improvement

Hues That Say You
Colorful splashes, mid-century inspiration that set the tone for your modern home
Modern Water Features
Going with the flow: mood-setting water features bring drama, movement, sound to a modern home


Suburbia in the Sky
San Francisco's Diamond Heights—where there's charm, drama and the most unique Eichlers of all
Modern Architecture: Pyramid Power
Swayed by their architect to go New Age, Streng brothers have a cosmic energy fling


Music in the Air
The Monterey Jazz Festival and its mid-century rise to glory
Silly in Pink
Love ‘em or loathe ‘em, the pink flamingo lawn ornament has brought joy to millions ever since the first flock arrived in the 1950s