Seven stunning modern designs that put a new face on the world we live in

Systematic approach that takes the confusion and stress out of replacing your roof   

Exploring S.F.’s Diamond Heights—Eichler house designs found nowhere else

Help us find a new owner for Eichler’s original family home who will safeguard its historical and architectural value

Home Improvement

Prefabulous or Fad?
Designers and builders of prefabricated homes go modern and green—but what lies ahead?
First Impressions, Simple Statements
Renewing garage and entry doors with neighborly good looks and in line with the modern streetscape aesthetic


Pocketful of Eichlers
Owners of international diversity are producing sweet music at Sunnyvale's Rancho Sans Souci
Eichler Tract a Class Act
Twenty enthusiastic high schoolers team up with the Los Angeles Conservancy to keep alive suburbia's modern architectural heritage


Swizzles with Sizzle
From the swingin' sixties to your living room bar—sticks of joy that stir it up as a cocktail's best friend
Learning from the Land
Obie Bowman’s warm, homey houses grow from their sites—and from their designer’s fanciful imagination