Renewing garage and entry doors with neighborly good looks and in line with the modern streetscape aesthetic 

How the Eichlers of San Jose transformed an impromptu art-filled happening into a high-spirited annual extravaganza

How a unique custom Eichler in the Oakland Hills responded to all its inhabitants' personalities and dreams

Join in—it's our California retro road trip filled with nostalgia and MCM hot spots

Home Improvement

Reroofing's Multiple Choices
Favor energy-efficient cool-roof systems, stylistic consistency and a quality installer
Joint of No Return
Are Eichler's surviving radiant heat systems destined to be 'goners'?


Don Wexler Interview
Architect Don Wexler traces his long road -- from humble beginnings to Palm Springs 'Walk of Fame'
Hit the Road
Hot-spot stops for time travelers on a California road-trip getaway


Retro Living: Blasts from the Past
15 retrolicious ways to break through the time warp and relive the mid-century today
East Meets West: Asian Aesthetic
Four Eichler households find some inner peace being at home with the Asian-Japanese aesthetic