Home Improvement

Tips and solutions for preserving your Eichler or other MCM home

Joint of No Return
Are Eichler's surviving radiant heat systems destined to be 'goners'?
Lost in the Dark No More
Shedding light on shortcuts to evaluate systems and installers for home reroofing
It Came from the Backyard
With more ADU dwellings on the way—what lies ahead for the character and livability of mid-century modern neighborhoods?
Rise of the Mini-split
Why is ductless HVAC so popular—and how does it fit into today's Eichler way of living?
House of Many Colors
Drawing earthy inspiration and seamless indoor-outdoor flow from Eichler's original paint palette
Energy Efficiency: Modern Dream, Green Machine
15 eco-conscious ways to make your home the best that it can be
Atrium Gardens
Design tips and challenges: best bets for landscaping at your home's heavenly core
Those Dirty, Rotten Beams
Cleaning up their act—from blight to natural beauty
Latest Flames
10 ways to warm up to the outdoor fireplace for cozy nights with a burning glow
Why Do People Love Butterfly Roofs?
Jaunty V-shaped rooflines spread their wings with an aura of magic
MCM-friendly Houseplants
Ten ideal indoor plant selections—living art for mid-century moderns
Swayed by the Shade
Three enterprising artisans who keep the modern spirit alive with authentic replicas of mid-century lampshades
Quake-Up Call
Protecting home and family with reinforcements and supplies to safely survive the 'big one' coming our way
Doors to Adore
Where to turn when your home’s front entry hardware cries out for a revival of mid-century modern flair
Dazed & Confused
Inflamed Eichler owners and remodeling pros alike facing a quagmire over California’s Title 24 building regulations
Why Wait 'til It's Too Late?
Staving off threatening neighborhood changes—before the inevitable wakeup call hits home
Walls that Sing
How lively accent panels awaken whitewashed and damaged interiors with renewed personality
Blocks of Beauty
When stylish concrete walls of myriad patterns exploded into the mid-century’s popular culture
Staged for Living
Enhancing interior design aptitude to make your home look as special as it really is
Grounded in Nature
Rising trends in home flooring