Tiny Victories in Local Preservation

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Courtesy of Save Independent Film and the CinéArts Dome in Pleasant Hill

Since we reported last week on the fight to save Pleasant Hill from “dome-icide” with the demolition of the CineArts theater dome, the city has ordered developer SyWest to halt its planned demolition, pending the appeal by the preservationists at Save the Pleasant Hill Dome. It’s not a permanent victory for those trying to save the dome, but at least it means the structure will stay intact until the city council rules on the appeal. A hearing is set for May 6. Unfortunately, SyWest president Bill Vierra told the Contra Costa Times the company would not repurpose the dome back into a theater, as activists had hoped. "If it stops now for some reason (the dome is) just going to sit the way it's sitting and we'll hold it like that, if we don't demolish it, until it falls down."


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Courtesy of aldenjewel on Flickr

In South Bay news, the Mid-Century Modern Freak Tumblr offers a brief retrospective on the unique glass-fronted building at 1990 W. San Carlos St., which opened in 1954 as an MG dealership and was then turned into Babyland in the 70s. After Babyland closed last year the space was in jeapordy, but it’s going to remain intact as BMW San Jose plans to move in next month. A representative there said they’re putting in new glass and cleaning the place up, but wouldn’t be changing the structure or overall look of the building. Plus, now it will be full of shiny motorcycles!