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Advice on possible issue with our new deck

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Two and a half years ago, we replaced a wooden deck (more like a
raised walkway) that runs along the side of our Eichler. Some of
wooden boards had started cracking (we have no idea how old the deck
was - it was there when we bought the house 10 years ago).

We replaced it a slightly different deck. The differences are:

- The new deck is made out of composite boards, the old deck was
made out of wooden boards.

- There was a gap (6 inches or less, don't recall precisely) between
the old deck and the house. The new deck abuts right up against
the outside of the house (traditional Eichler siding). More
precisely, there is pressure-treated wood that abuts the house, and
the patio rests on top of it.

We had another contractor out today (for another issue), and he
suggested that having the deck come right up to the house was bad. He
said this would cause the Eichler siding to rot, because
water/dampness (from when it rains) would get between the
pressure-treated wood and the siding, and the siding would not be able
to dry out. I mentioned that with the old patio, leaves and debris
used to collect in the gap between the deck and the house. He said
that was still better than having the deck abut the house. He
suggested that we get the original contractor back and essentially
"slice" out a similar 6 inch gap from the current deck, so that we
once again have space between the deck and the house.

Does anyone have an opinion on this? Essentially is it worse to
"cover-up" a section of Eichler siding with pressure-treated wood than
to have leaves/debris collect next to it? Is it worth essentially
redoing the whole deck?