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Patio door dimensions: Blomberg v. Milgard

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Hi all
I am finalizing window replacement, including patio doors on a Greenmeadow Eichler. Yes, I;ve ready previous posts on the topic.
I have a specific question.
Options come down to the Blomberg patio doors, which are 3 5/8 in depth, just like the originals, or the Milgard Aluminum patio door, which is 4 7/16.

My existing door jamb, with existing trim, is 4 5/8, which is wider than the Milgard.

The Blomberg costs 40% more than the Milgard does, installed. Both professional installers have good track records and recommendations.

I'd like to hear from folks who have used Milgard Aluminum patio doors and how they feel about the profile/depth vs. the jamb. Or, if you have used Blomberg, do you think it worth the price differential.

Sally (sallyhatxilinxdotcom)