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Sun effects on panelling.

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I've been meaning to post this but kept forgetting.

So I guess everyone's pretty familiar by now with the fact that there are many different varieties of mahogany--I won't get into the details here, you can check earlier postings. But what I think I've observed is that the original mahogany's and the new mahogany's reaction to sun is exactly opposite.

That is, with the original mahogany, the walls *bleach* from sun--leaving darker areas where covered by pictures or shelves (much like the cork). Whereas, the new mahogany (luan, honduran, etc.) *darkens* with the sun (much like cherry wood).

- does this match with what others have observed?
- if so, I guess this is a heads up not to mix the two panelling on the same wall--even if you can initially get the stains to match.


P.S. Has anyone come up with a UV inhibitor that can be used on interior walls? So far, all I've seen is the Howard's colored paste wax which doesn't give the nice glow their FeednWax does. I'm wondering about trying to combine them--either by layering (which I don't think will work) or mixing. Any thoughts welcome.

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