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VAT in kitchen cabinets?!?

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In our newly purchased homes, the cabinets and built in pantry are lined with what look to be quite old vinyl tiles. Since our food, dishes, and pans will be in these cabinets, I'd really like to know for sure what these tiles are. They are all intact except for one, which has cracked. Lifting it up, it was pliable but not crumbly.

We are not even really sure at this point if the cabinets are original, but they appear to be mahogany, w/swing out doors, match a parqueted wood panel on the living room wall (the only panel that hasn't been painted), and a built in wet bar.

SO, has anyone encountered tiling in cabinets, or these kinds of cabinets ? Any information would be helpful at this point. As would a place to get the tile tested (which I can't seem to locate in the old threads)

(The original VAT seem to be intact in the master bedroom under carpet --but we'll find out soon, damaged cork is in the living room and study).

We're in the Fairwood tract, if that helps.

many thanks.
lisa & kory