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New 2024 ‘Home Maintenance Directory’ now en route to all Bay Area Eichler homes
  Fridays on the Homefront
The Eichler Network's new 2024 'Home Maintenance Directory' went into the mail recently heading to the mailboxes of all Bay Area Eichler homes. It features more than 125 seasoned service companies that know Eichlers inside and out.

Does your MCM home need a little TLC, a kitchen renewal, or maybe even a dreamy lap pool installed out back? We at the Eichler Network want to help you make your home‐improvement dreams come true.

Each year, the San Francisco‐based Eichler Network mails out its full‐color print 'Home Maintenance Directory' to 11,000 Bay Area households—including all of the region's Eichler homes plus other select MCM residences. The 2024 edition is now in the mail en route to our homeowner base.

"The annual print Directory is our way of celebrating our roster of 'Preferred Service Companies' by bringing them all together under one 'roof,'" reports publisher Marty Arbunich, who is currently enjoying the Network's 31st year of operation.


Fridays on the Homefront


Enhanced beyond previous issues with "larger dimensions, more pages and stories, and an expanded roster of featured companies to recognize and showcase, the new 2024 Directory is our most deluxe presentation yet," he adds.

For the 2024 edition, readers will discover a new, larger format, 52‐page periodical highlighting approximately 125 trusted service companies. These accredited BBB businesses are just a phone call away, ready to offer solutions to your everyday maintenance and remodeling needs. For additional inspiration and guidance, you'll find four vital home‐improvement stories included.

As added convenience, an easy‐access flip‐book edition of the '2024 Eichler Network Home Maintenance Directory' is now ready for your viewing on the Eichler Network website.


Fridays on the Homefront


Whether you're accessing the print or digital version, we're sure you'll find the Directory a user‐friendly and invaluable resource. Just navigate to the service you need, and connect with an experienced professional who can help get those 'to-do' tasks crossed off your list.

Organized by service type, the comprehensive guide includes a range of services including built‐up roofing, foam roofing, single‐ply roofing, leak detection, siding and fencing, window coverings, painting contractors, air conditioning and heating, plumbing, electrical, pest control, interior design, countertops, flooring, lighting, general contracting and remodeling, architectural design, cabinetry, shelving, tile, concrete and driveways, windows and doors, real estate marketing, atrium and patio covers, garage door repair and automation, handyman services, landscaping, solar energy systems, window film, modern furnishings, and more.

One of the new additions to the Preferred Service Company team is Ongaro & Sons, a Marin‐based company that has been operating for more than 90 years. Offering radiant heating maintenance and replacement, as well as solar panel installation, Ongaro's Nick Hartman, director of business operations, calls his company "an old soul," explaining that "we've been around since Marin was being built in the 1930s, and we had a lot to do with designing and building those homes."

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