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Let the Eichler Network’s new 2023 Home Maintenance Directory be your go-to guide
  Fridays on the Homefront
The Eichler Network's new 2023 'Home Maintenance Directory' went into the mail recently heading to the mailboxes of all Bay Area Eichler homes. It features nearly 125 seasoned service companies that know Eichlers inside and out.

Planning a kitchen update or a painting project—or want to research a solar energy system? Let the Eichler Network's new 2023 'Home Maintenance Directory' direct you to reliable contractors who are standing by, ready to lend a hand.

Published by the San Francisco-based Eichler Network, the 'Home Maintenance Directory' is more than just listings of companies. Here is an opportunity to meet the folks behind the Eichler Network's Team of 'Preferred Service Companies,' vetted professionals who are experienced in serving the Bay Area's mid-century modern homeowners.

Mailed at no cost our Bay Area homeowner base, the directory is designed as a trustworthy resource, with 36 pages of modern home professionals, from architectural design to general contracting to leak detection, all certified by the Better Business Bureau in good standing.

"Many Eichler homeowners reach out to us for advice and recommendations for various vendors to improve or repair their homes," says Kevin Swartz, an Eichler-focused real estate professional profiled in the new guide. "The Eichler Network directory has helped introduce us to other vendors who also specialize in working with, and on, Eichler homes."

Fridays on the Homefront

Swartz's company, Atria Real Estate, is based in San Jose, and was built on the 30-year real estate legacy of Nil Erdal. Atria was founded by Swartz, a former engineer, and partner Pelin Erdal, a former attorney and second-generation realtor, to evolve the way real estate is done.

Atria has "specialized in working with Eichler homeowners for over 20 years, and [has] sold over 400 Eichler homes," Swartz says. "We love partnering with the Eichler Network because it helps us connect with Eichler homeowners that want to work with a real estate professional who loves and understands the unique value of Eichler homes," he says. "We also love working with our clients and are grateful for the Eichler Network's assistance in connecting us to them."

Since 1993, the Eichler Network's readership has looked to the Network to provide reliable resources that have direct experience with homes like theirs. Connecting homeowners with the proper professional for the job forms the foundation for what the Network does.

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