Meow Century Modern

Young designer solves a need you never knew you had—for cool pet furnishings
Modernist Cat

Today, pets are part of most American households. And so is pet furniture. But who wants a ratty, old cat-scratching post next to their Scandinavian modern divan?

Not Crystal Gregory, owner of the three-year-old business Modernist Cat, which builds modular and stackable furnishings she calls the Circa50 Line, cabinets and side tables made from Europly plywood and held together with mortise-and-tenon joints.

They look like they could hold fine crystal or hide sound equipment—but instead hide cat beds or kitty litter. Some can be modified to handle small dogs. In the works, in fact, is a pet crate for small dogs.

Gregory founded the one-person firm after she and her husband bought a 1950s ranch house near Seattle. Their remodel played up the home’s inherent modernism, but they couldn’t find the right accessories for their pets.

The furniture is handmade and does double duty, serving both pets and people. “I don’t like pet furniture sitting there with no other purpose,” Crystal says, “especially when you’re living in a small space.”

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