Tiki A-Go-Go the Modern Way

Tiki experts pose 10 ways—right here in California—to find Polynesian paradise
Tiki A-Go-Go
We recently talked with several tikiphiles who live modern—like Amy Boylan of Palm Desert, Streng owner Randy Gummow of Sacramento, and Brendan McMullan of San Rafael, who is pictured above at his Eichler home tiki bar.
(photo: David Toerge)

Some people do tiki big—really big—like Amy Boylan, who turned her mid-century modern home and adjoining lot in Palm Desert into a tiki oasis, with a custom built ‘shipwreck’ built by Bamboo Ben, a well-known tiki builder, along with many original collectibles.

It helps that her home was once owned by Rock Hudson.

“I think tiki is a state of mind,” Boylan says. “It’s a way to spend time with your friends and family and grab a little bit of downtime in a technology driven, incessant information world.”

Looking for an easier way to enjoy tiki culture? Then come with us on a journey—not to the South Seas but to our own state—as we explore the greatest hits of California Tiki, with advice from The Book of Tiki author Sven Kirsten, Tiki News founder Otto von Stroheim, and tiki expert and barman Martin Cate.

From the liveliest tiki bars to the coolest motels, from the best tiki carvers to tiki for tots—the Enchanted Tiki Room in Disneyland—this tour will delight.

Read our entire tiki feature in this sneak preview of the new summer ’13 issue of CA-Modern magazine, ‘Paradise Found.’

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