Video Break: Catherine Munson on Going to Work for Joe Eichler

When realtor Catherine Munson died last week, a great deal of memories and institutional knowledge about Eichlers died with her. Fortunately, she was not reticent about her experiences, and shared them with us here at the Eichler Network, as well as with others documenting the history of Marin County and Joe Eichler's developments.

In a video posted last Friday by the Marin Public Library, Munson spoke with oral historian Marilyn L. Geary about her experience joining the Eichler team. She talked about the attraction of the early model homes, and how spending time in them led to her getting a job as Eichler's first female sales agent.

It's part of a larger documentary currently in production called From Ranches to Ranch Houses: Citizen Involvement in Marin County's Postwar Suburbia. The film, by videographer Paul Kagawa and North San Rafael community representatives Kay Noguchi and Shirley Fischer, is a project of the library's Anne T. Kent California Room. The library was generous enough to post this excerpt after Munson died, and it's well worth the three-and-a-half minutes it takes to watch, as we continue to remember Munson's impact on our field.