Retro and Mod Rugs for Indoors and Out

Parallel Reality allows homeowners to create their own colorful patterns by arranging these striped 'carpet squares' to their taste and to fit any sized space.

A bright, boldly designed carpet may be underfoot but you can bet it won’t be overlooked. The upcoming issue  of CA-Modern shows off some great rugs that work well in modern homes and on patios.

For ‘Style Underfoot,’ author Tanya Kern has searched the world of rugs to find a dozen varied examples that would work well in or around a modern home. There are rugs you can assemble yourself of individual, boldly striped squares, and a rug with a mysterious design dubbed the ‘Labyrinth.’

One of the designs is by San Francisco artist Rex Ray, one of the more prolific designers who have prospered by adopting and adapting the mid-century modern look for postmodern times. He has expanded into home décor through his Studio line.

“It's exciting to take my aesthetic and my view of the world and mash it up onto a box or a scarf and see how it affects the medium and the see how the work is affected by this new application,” he writes.

Here's a heavy duty yet stylish dhurrie that works well where traffic is heavy.

Several rugs do double duty, working well both inside and out by using polypropylene fabric.

And yes, we have some shag!

Wonder how to incorporate a rug into your décor? Kern talks about that too.

For a sneak peek in PDF of the 'Style Underfoot' article about hot modern rugs from the new fall '14 CA-Modern, click on the attachment link at the bottom of this page. A PDF of the story will quickly fill your screen.

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